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Essential Advice for Sufferers of Spine and Back Pain

There are few injuries more debilitating and painful than back and spinal injuries. At Busch Law Offices, we know that despite obtaining successful verdicts in their workers' compensation cases, many of our clients will still suffer from pain and discomfort for years to come. Luckily, there are resources out there to help people cope with these kinds of ailments.

The Model Health Show, a health and fitness podcast presented by author and nutritionist Shawn Stevenson, has some great advice for individuals suffering with back and spine pain and depression.

Mr. Stevenson has first-hand insight on dealing with debilitating back conditions. As a young man, he was diagnosed with degenerate disc disease, but, with passion and determination, he overcame his doctors' diagnoses and continues to thrive today. He's now an advocate for health and well-being, a mission he continues to carry out on his podcast.

Mr. Stevenson tackles a number of topics on back conditions, spinal health, and its link to overall physical and mental well-being in his podcast titled "TMHS 012: Treating Back Pain, Degenerative Disc Disease, and 'Incurable' Disease". Listen to the podcast here!

Just a few of the topics covered in this episode are:

  • What questions you should ask if you are suffering from an injury or illness
  • Essential tips to eliminate your back pain
  • Why proper hydration is critical to spinal health
  • The effects of calcium deficiency and what causes calcium deficiency
  • Simple tools that can help you recover from injury, relax muscles, and self-adjust your spine
  • The best exercises for building strength in your back
  • Common mental and emotional issues that come with back and spinal injuries
  • What foods to eat if you have back pain

The Model Health Show comes out every Tuesday, so check back often for more helpful tips.

Committing to Health & Recovery, Even After a Settlement

With proper treatment, healthy choices, commitment, and support from resources like Mr. Stevenson's show, even people suffering from serious conditions can make changes to improve their quality of life. We know that a settlement or verdict alone is not always enough to eliminate physical pain and suffering, which is why we always seek to provide helpful resources like this podcast.

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