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Busch Law Offices Secures Victory in Workers' Comp/Personal Injury Case

Busch Law Offices was hired to represent an injured worker from a local fine grind facility. Our client was on top of a tractor-trailer filling the tanks with material. The driver negligently drove off the scale against a red light while our client was still on top, inside a stationary metal cage that allowed him to fill the tanks (called a caribus). Our client was repeatedly slammed against the metal cage as the truck drove out from under him.

We were hired to represent the injured worker for two claims, workers' compensation and personal injury because of the negligence of the third party driver. We were able to obtain significant medical care for our client including bilateral knee replacements and a lumbar fusion. At the resolution of the workers compensation claim, our client received a large award for permanent impairment.

We filed suit against the truck driver and his company, and in the midst of litigation we were able to compromise the claim for over $750,000, including reimbursement to the workers' compensation insurance company who paid benefits as a result of third party negligence. This case highlights Busch Law Offices' ability to maximize workers' compensation benefits and also obtain a fair settlement of personal injury claims where there is a negligent third party.

If you are a worker that has suffered a significant injury while on the job, contact Busch Law Offices today. Our dedicated Loveland workers' compensation attorneys know what it takes to compellingly make a workers' comp claim and give our clients the best possible chance of receiving the benefits the deserve.

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