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From a construction worker building a skyscraper to a pizza courier driver making a delivery to a physician helping others in an emergency room, everyone faces a certain amount of danger when going to work each day. Since it is impossible to predict who will be hurt in a workplace accident and when, it is important for each employee to know that he or she will be afforded workers' compensation benefits just in case the unpredictable happens to them. However, the process of getting workers' comp benefits or coverage is more often complicated than not.

This is where Busch Law Offices can step in and take over. Our workers' compensation attorneys have been helping clients in Loveland, Boulder, and the surrounding area for more than 30 total years. Using our experience and knowledge of the law and liability, we strive to eliminate as much stress and as many delays as possible from our clients' workers' comp processes.

Cases we frequently help clients in Boulder and Loveland manage include:

If you have a workers' compensation claim that needs a lawyer's attention, we are confident that we are the legal team for you!

Coverage Obtained Through Workers' Compensation

Filing for workers' compensation is not the same as filing a personal injury claim against your employer. Indeed, you are not even trying to prove that your employer is liable for your work-related injury since workers' compensation can be granted to employees who are entirely accountable for their own accident. Instead, you are simply telling your employer – or your employer's insurance company – that you have been hurt while completing a job-related duty and need financial support to make ends meet until you fully recover.

The two primary coverage benefits you can get from workers' comp are:

  1. Lost wages or income: Suffering a serious workplace injury will understandably take you off your feet, sometimes quite literally, and make completing your regular work duties impossible. A standard workers' comp benefits package will grant you about 66% of your regular wages while you are healing. You may also be able to return to work to perform minimal functions without compromising your workers' comp pay.
  2. Medical bills and treatment cost: Perhaps most importantly of all, workers' compensation benefits should completely cover your medical costs, which can be astronomical depending on the severity of your injury or extent of your treatment.

When everything is said and done, we want you to be resting and recovering comfortably without any worries of hardships caused by an uncooperative employer or insurer. To learn more about how our Boulder and Loveland workers' compensation lawyers can help you after being hurt on the job, contact us online or set up your own free case evaluation by dialing 877.435.1514.