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Busch Law Offices Secure Medical Treatment for CRPS Migration Patient

A claimant suffered a serious injury to his right arm, which eventually developed complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). As the name implies, CRPS is not fully understood by medical and scientific communities, but the consequences of the syndrome are well known. People who develop CRPS can experience chronic pain, numbness, or hypersensitivity in a body part that has undergone trauma due to an injury, stroke, or surgical procedure.

The claimant underwent surgery to treat his right-arm CRPS. Not long after the surgery, though, the CRPS symptoms actually migrated into his left arm. This is an extremely rare occurrence but not one completely unknown, or even rejected, by medical science.

Due to CRPS migration’s rarity, it can be difficult to prove it has even happened, let alone that it is truly debilitating. Insurance companies are often quick to deny any sort of benefits package to people with migrating CRPS because they know it the odds are in their favor. The claimant was no exception, and treatment for his left arm was denied by the responding insurance companies.

Busch Law Offices of Loveland, Colorado was retained by the claimant for legal guidance and representation. Our Social Security Disability attorneys worked with the top CRPS expert in the state to help build our case and prove that our client was not exaggerating or falsifying his migrating CRPS symptoms. Thanks to the expert’s statements and our persistence, we are proud to say we were able to overcome the insurance company’s denials. We won medical treatment for our client’s left arm, as he needed and deserved.

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