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Workers’ Compensation Provider Identified January 9th as the Most Dangerous Day for Workers in Colorado

Pinnacol Assurance, a company that supplies workers’ compensation insurance to employers in the state of Colorado, labeled January 9th as the most dangerous day for workers in the state.

The workers’ compensation provider conducted a study and compiled data on the number of claims they filed on each day of the year. Through their research, they discovered that more claims were filed on January 9th than on any other date.

According to a report from the Denver Post, “Pinnacol Assurance has recorded an average of 198 claims on Jan. 9 for the past five years. That’s 62% higher than the daily average over that time frame, making the day the most injury-prone for workers.”

Slip and fall accidents were labeled as the most common incidents that were reported in January 9th claims. Strains and “being struck or striking something, and cuts” were other frequently occurring incidents on that day. Pinnacol Assurance reported office workers and those in the medical care industry as the people who filed the most claims on January 9th.

January’s icy and snowy weather (and resulting slippery conditions) were identified as potential causes of injury on the “most dangerous day.” Representatives from Pinnacol Assurance identified less focus during the month of January as another possible contributing factor — many people are returning from holidays and vacations around January 9th and may not be as careful as they are on other days of the year.

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