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Have You Been Injured in a Bad Construction Accident? Let Us Help!

Contact a Loveland workers' comp attorney at once if you have been seriously injured in a construction accident to find out your workers' compensation rights. Working at a construction site can be extremely dangerous due to the many hazards that exist that can cause severe injuries such as head trauma, broken bones, and spinal cord damage. Large and heavy equipment, gas pipes, electrical wires, trenches, ladders and scaffolding put workers at continuous risk of physical harm.

Busch Law Offices can investigate your accident and provide knowledgeable legal advice regarding workers' compensation benefits. Our firm specializes in injury cases and is intimately familiar with the laws and procedures regarding filing workers' compensation claims. A job-related accident can prevent you from working for many months and create severe financial difficulties for you and your family.

Our construction site accident lawyers will assist you in filing a workers' compensation claim and be tough advocates for the benefits you deserve.

What Are the Most Common Construction Site Accidents?

Some of the most common types of construction site accidents include:

  • Falls from heights
  • Slip and falls
  • Crush injuries from getting limbs caught in machinery
  • Caught in-between injuries when the worker is crushed between equipment or construction materials
  • Electrocution or burn injuries
  • Getting hit by a vehicle (particularly with road construction)
  • Being hit by a falling object

Why You Need a Loveland Construction Injury Attorney

Workers' compensation provides financial benefits to individuals injured in a construction site accident.

The compensation covers costs such as:

  • Hospitalization
  • Medical treatment
  • Other injury-related expenses
  • Current and future lost wages

It is not uncommon for a construction site accident to be caused by the negligence or fault of a third party. Our firm will review your case to determine if another individual or entity is responsible for your injuries, and take appropriate legal actions if warranted to possibly secure additional compensation for your injuries. Filing a third-party personal injury claim can be extremely beneficial, especially if your injuries are severe and will require long-term treatment or care.

Contact a Loveland construction injury lawyer if you have been injured at a construction site for competent legal guidance regarding injury benefits and how to file a workers' compensation claim.

Construction Injury Statistics

Construction is statistically one of the most dangerous fields to work in, particularly in the private sector, where it accounts for 20% of every 5,000 private-industry worker deaths (United States Department of Labor). According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), there are four types of accidents that are most common in the construction industry:

  • Falls - accounting for 33.5% of deaths
  • Struck by an Object - accounted for 11.1% of deaths
  • Electrocutions - 8.5% of deaths
  • Caught In or Between an Object - 5.5%

In 2018 it was reported that over 5,200 workers died on the job. When working in such a dangerous occupation, it's important to know that you and your loved ones are protected under workers' compensation. We can help ensure you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

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