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How do I know if my injury or illness is covered under workers' comp?

If you were injured or contracted a work-related illness while on the job or as a result of your job duties it will be covered under workers' comp. Your injury must relate to your job or the duties you perform. Common injuries include back strain from lifting, sprains or broken bones from falls, carpal tunnel syndrome or any other injury experienced while doing your job. For more information you should speak to an experienced Loveland workers' comp lawyer at Busch Law Offices and receive a free initial consultation.

How do I make a claim?

If the injury is serious, get emergency medical attention first. Once you are able you must submit your report of the accident in writing to your employer within four days. Failure to submit this report could result in your claim being denied or reduce the benefits you can receive.

If your injury is not severe or life threatening, report it to your employer immediately and then get medical attention. Filing your report begins the workers' comp process. You should keep a copy of your report and any other claims forms or letters you receive.

Should I consult with a lawyer first?

If you are seriously injured, your first concern is getting the emergency care you need. While you may not need an attorney after file your claim, it is very possible that your claim will be "reviewed", modified or even denied by your claims adjuster, leaving you responsible for all your medical bills. To protect your rights and have an experienced workers' comp lawyer looking out for your best interests, you should at least get a free consultation to review your claim.

If I decide I need a lawyer, what will it cost me?

We handle workers' comp settlement cases on a contingency fee basis. That means that we only get paid if we help you get your settlement. We understand how workers' comp claims are handled. Just having a legal representative to negotiate your settlement with the insurance company can possibly result in a much higher payment than they would have offered.

Contact a Loveland Workers' Comp Attorney and have all your questions answered and receive a free case evaluation.

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