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Workers' Comp Disability Payments

If you have been seriously injured while on the job and were unable to return to work at all until enough time had passed to get your doctor's permission to return and now have a reduced capacity you may be entitled to receive permanent partial disability coverage from workers' compensation. The amount you are allowed depends on a standardized system that describes and rates your disability and is provided by your doctor. For more information and assistance filing your claim should speak to a Loveland workers' comp attorney at Busch Law Offices.

Returning to work can be quite therapeutic as well as a boost in personal morale but if your capabilities are diminished you may not be able to earn the wage you once could. When you meet with us, we will provide a free case evaluation and go over your doctor's report to see how we can help you with your claim.

We are a father and son legal practice and we are both committed to helping each of our clients personally from the initial consultation all the way until their case is settled. We can help you file your claim and personally represent you with the workers' comp claims adjusters to help get your claim approved.

Permanent Partial Disability Attorney

Colorado has capped the maximum permanent partial disability benefits to $75,000 or, in some extreme cases, $150,000. We can work with your doctors to ensure their diagnosis and medical records are very clear on the nature of your disability and the limits you are subject to upon your return to work.

Workers' comp will have already paid for your medical bills and treatment and any necessary medication but they are not liable for any pain or suffering you may have experienced. When you come for your consultation we will answer any other questions you may have and we are prepared to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Contact a Loveland Permanent Partial Disability Lawyer for assistance getting the disability payments you qualify for under workers' compensation coverage.

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