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State Workers' Comp Claims Knowing Your Rights as a Worker

State Workers Comp Claims

Loveland Workers' Comp Attorney

If you are employed by the State of Colorado and are injured at work or while performing your job duties you are entitled to benefits under workers' compensation. You must notify your supervisor or employer of your injury immediately, or if you require emergency medical attention first, within four days of your injury.

Your written notification begins your coverage as part of your workers' comp benefits. You should also speak to a Loveland workers' comp lawyer at Busch Law Offices as early as possible to protect your rights and help you deal with the many complex restrictions and conditions that getting your full settlement approved can require.

Our offices have been successfully helping clients get the workers' comp coverage and benefits they need for over 30 years. We understand the complex laws and conditions the state's insurance company has placed on getting your injury or disability claim approved. We can represent you and negotiate directly with the workers' comp insurance company to help get your settlement approved as quickly as possible.

Workers' Comp Lawyer in Loveland

As a state employee you are entitled to all of the benefits available from workers' comp including:

  • Full payment of your medical bills and treatment for injuries related to your job
  • Reimbursement for any lost wages or income due to your injuries and recovery
  • Payment for all medications
  • Reimbursement for travel to and from the doctor
  • Temporary or permanent disability coverage if you are unable to work at your former capacity
  • Death benefits to family members of a worker who died as a result of their injuries or disease

While it would be nice to believe that once your claim is submitted you can expect to receive all of the necessary benefits caused by your injury it just doesn't happen that way. Insurance companies will try to delay, modify or deny claims all in an effort to save money. Adjusters are trained to settle for as little as possible if they must settle at all. Having an attorney looking out for your best interests can help prevent such from occurring. Call our offices today to arrange a free consultation.

Contact a Loveland Workers' Comp Attorney if you are a state worker and need assistance with your workers' comp insurance claim.

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