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Insurance fraud costs everybody money. The laws regarding fraud have severe penalties including heavy fines and jail sentences. Workers' comp fraud can occur in several ways. A worker may file a claim for injuries he does not have or present an injury as being more serious than it actually is.

Statistically, the greatest amount of insurance fraud is committed by companies who do not carry their legally required coverage and by insurance companies who fail to pay on valid claims by using various methods to disapprove or lessen the claim. If you or a loved one has been accused of workers' comp fraud you need the immediate help of a Loveland workers' comp lawyer at Busch Law Offices.

If you are being investigated or have been charged with insurance fraud related to a workers' comp claim you have filed, you could face felony charges and serious penalties if convicted. We have over 30 years of experience helping our clients resolve such charges and we are prepared and ready to help you. When you call our offices we will arrange a consultation to discuss the charges you face and review the details of your case. Once this is done we can advise you of all your legal options.

Workers' Comp Lawyer in Loveland

There are other forms of workers' comp fraud that an individual could be accused of including:

  • Falsified medical reports or claims
  • Receiving payments after the injury has already healed
  • Assisting another to falsify an accident claim
  • Giving false information to your employer, medical staff, insurance representatives or claims adjusters
  • Cooperation with doctors or medical staff to charge for non-existent injuries or treatment never received

Workers' comp fraud carries serious repercussions including a criminal record that could affect your future employment for the rest of your life. Call our offices for immediate legal representation and to protect your rights.

Contact a Loveland Workers' Comp Attorney if you are being investigated or arrested for workers' comp fraud to get immediate assistance and legal counsel.

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